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TOM-RINGS is founded for manufacturing colour rings, neckcollars, wingtags, nasal saddles and other marks for birds and other animals.

TOM RINGS has been set up by experienced bird ringer. I have decades of ringing experience which led me to use it in manufacturing the high quality colour rings, and other marks for birds and other animals. I participate actively in many projects connected with bird colour marking (especially gulls and swans) as well as reading of colour rings. I guarantee the best available materials for my products, additionally my ring-maker have years of experience.

Since many years I cooperate with Ornithological Station Museum and Institute of Zoology Polish Academy of Sciences as colour rings and neck bands provider but also as ringer and scientific co-worker. This collaboration gives me instant feedback to my products' quality, inspires me for continuous improvement of my technology and keeps me in touch with ringers' new requirements.

I encourage you to get acquainted with TOM-RINGS offer.

If you have any question, don?t hesitate to contact me.

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